Lied and tried to cover up their mistakes 24 Automotive in Denver is awful

Not resolved

Had a BMW that needed towed to the dealership for some maintenance, and called a towing company to get there. When they were hooking it to be towed they ended up damaging the under carriage, and damaging the bumper.

Of course I was mad, so they offered to take it to their shop and fix the entire thing for free and look at the sensor to see why it was not working properly. The owner of the place said he would give me a loaner car free of charge and get this all done as his top priority. Every time I called to see if the loaner was in he would keep saying he is at the will of the customers, and was waiting for them to return the vehicle as soon as he received the vehicle from them he would call for me to pick it up. Needless to say I never got my loaner car and after a week of calling the shop to see the progress on the car I was given every excuse in the book as to why it was not done yet and just give me one more day.

Finally had to go up there to see if my car was still there and if in fact they were working on it, come to find out they had not even looked at the sensor issue and had only just barely replaced the bumper, which was not even painted yet. They told me again they just need the car one more day will be ready by 10 tomorrow. I call at 9 to see if I can come pick it up I was told it was not ready give me till 3, so trying to be patient I agreed. Come 3 o'clock i get a phone call telling me to rent a car it will not be ready.

First I am to get a free loaner then they go and tell me to actually rent a car because we still do not have your car done. Tried calling them back several times they stopped returning my calls and even answering the phone. I had to go back up to the shop to find out they had brought it over to the dealership for them to work on the car because they do not know how to fix it. I talked to the BMW dealership to only find out that the cap cover was removed and there is water damage, it was there when the towing company took my car, so they ended up costing me another $2,000 to fix this issue they caused, plus the bumper is still not painted.

The owner of 24 Automotive actually left a voicemail telling me I could just take him to court or whatever he was done trying to help me. I will never go there again or recommend anyone else to go there they are rude and unprofessional people who even run a day care inside of the garage how get to is that and very unsafe.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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